Why XSUBS?  Although not everyone has the opportunity to serve in the military, we're proud to have been submariners.  We use the principles we learned on submarines and the experience we've gained in the civilian workd to help customers with their power generating assets.  Here at XSUBS we like to say that you'll score a HIT with us:


H - Honesty

I -  Integrity

T - Technical expertise


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For those of you that came here for the free resources use the Resources link above to access downloadable and viewable files relating to power generation as well as a list of links to other websites with helpful information.  We're striving to be the best power genreation resource on the web and we're open to suggestions for new resources/links.

We go just about anywhere!


XSUBS personnel have worked in the US, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Guinea, Angola, Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.


XSUBS is ready and willing to mobilize to your asset.